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My Jem costume a few years back!!!! Can’t wait for the movie - Truly Outrageous!¬†

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My silly Reba meeting Gizmo for the first time - everyday with pugs are awesome

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I channeled my New York 1920’s self today¬†

A short video of all the photos from Doctor Who Cospugs photo shot in October. I pulled a collection of some of the better photo/out takes and made a photo montage for all to see!


My friend doesn’t have a smart phone // he has no idea what Instagram is and tries to describe it…. funny

What did the fox say? My last minute halloween costume!

Bailey as The Doctor 4

Reba is the Tardis

My pugs getting ready for Halloween - Doctor Who and the Tardis

Update : 10.23.13 WOW! - thank you everyone for all likes and reblogs - I had so much fun making their costume - u all are amazing!


05.27.11 (by polamour)

Living Crafting Sewing with a Vintage Twist

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